Technology… accused in the dock?

This is no longer science fiction. A cousin of Hal 9000, the famous computer of Discovery One, the spaceship from “2001: A Space Odyssey” is assisting lawyers in the law firm Baker Hostetler specializing in  bankruptcy. The news was hitting the headlines, as they say, in the press and on the legal planet. Prediction becomes reality. Some have long announced this change brought about by the introduction of technology into the legal market (Julie Sobowale, Aba Journal, April 1, 2016).

They do alert us to the necessary transformation and its consequences on the legal market (The Boston Consulting Group, Bucerius Law School, January 2016).

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Legaltech : understanding the legaltech phenomenon

The legaltech is here to stay. It imposes itself in the forefront of the law stage. It provokes, and fuels the debate upon the law practice by questioning both the relationship that practitioners have with the law as their raw material but also the relationship they have with their clients. The legaltech seems to have appeared in the dynamic pages of the results provided by search engines, following request launched on the key words “right” or “litigation”. The legaltech hidden just a click away behind either some hypertext links or some apps activated at the touch of a finger, seems to launch a special challenge to lawyers including the star members of the Bar.

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