Who I’m?

Who I’m

I’m Stéphane Larrière. I’m a lawyer with over 15 years of experience spent working as in-house into large companies. Specializing in IT law, with particular emphasis on telco as well as software, I’m currently working as a legal director in charge of global procurement within a market leading company in the IT industry. My ambition through those pages is to share and offer a different perspective on thinking the law practice around contracting, technology and negotiating in business.

In a word, technology, business contracting and negotiating, I’m immersing in…. and from day to day! My experience in the practice of law and negotiation has always been devoted to companies, which I advise “from the inside”.  As a matter of fact, technology, Law and contracts are my raw material, the very large part of my work and my know-how that I adapt as technology evolves.

During my various professional experiences, I was fortunate to be able to negotiate countless contracts and other contractual documentation in complex business and technology environments. More or less essential or strategic for the company, they have been discussed in very different situations:

  • in the position of a seller or a buyer;
  • supporting the party who has the power to negotiate;
  • being with the party which has the most to lose in the bargaining and the balance of rights.

These experiences give me the opportunity, with all independence, to develop food for thought on the law practice in the way companies negotiate, contract, but also the impacts that the technology entails. This reflection is also enriched by a personal interest in those topics. This interest forced me to deepen my knowledge on the techniques and concepts and to dig into the best books or other pieces of article of practitioners and authors considered as experts of these questions.

Please, see this blog as a support to exchange and share on these practices and thoughts. I want it to be a free testimony as well as an expert tribune, whose published practices, comments or opinions expressed herein shall solely reflect those of the author and publication does not constitute an endorsement.

.Thank you for reading

Stéphane Larrière