Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Where does the need of publishing www.bindingcontract.eu comes from? Why a French lawyer working with a worldwide IT company decided to spend some his very busy time and money in publishing www.bindingcontract.eu, borrowing attention of people on the Internet?  The response is as simple as this… Because he intends that all of his thoughts already developed and published in the French well known website “La Loi des Parties” which meets a great success in France, could also apply and are then also globaly valid in the UE and beyond.

Indeed, the intention behind this blog is an intention of sharing. Sharing knowledge, sharing thoughts and vision for the simple reason that lawyers beyond their role, policy or lawmakers have their word to say in the way society is currently designing itself, in the way the Law is designed tand how it will govern future relationships either between people or between organizations, people and technology. 

However, I invite you not to reduce the editorial intention of this blog to a simple course of law about contract and new technologies. This blog won’t be limited to legal analysis nor won’t it bring buzz about topics already many times explored by others. The ambition is different and is more of an analytical approach:

  • from the legal practice to the test of negotiation,
  • from thelegal  practice to the test of technology,
  • or the practices of negotiation and technology to the test of law.

For those of you who are not laymans, you will probably have already grasped, or suspected, that it will be in this blog question  to study the business relationship from a legal point of view. www.bindingcontract.eu  is interested in the negotiation process because it is significant in the legal relationship and essential to draw the contract up and for the sustainability of the business. As you will have understood, it is a question of studying law and negotiation both as techniques but also as phenomena operating in business.

There will also be a lot of technology. Technology as a subject of law of course; but also technology as a major factor for change in the law, and in the practice of professionnals whose roles are redefined.

I hope you will have as much interest and pleasure in reading it as I have to in writing and sharing it.

Stéphane Larrière